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Welcome to the NYC Mini-Series!

Welcome to my NYC mini-series, where I will be bringing you 1 blog everyday for the next 6 days. Whether this is your first time in New York City, or you have visited over a thousand times, there are some classic New York staples that never get old.

I am sharing my favorite things to do in the city- there is something for everyone!

Tune in tomorrow for;

Day 1: Where to Snag an Insta-Worthy pic!

On deck;

DAY 2: My favorite Museums, ranked.

DAY 3: Sites and heights, NYC by day.

DAY 4: Eating like a mobster, the OG dining guide

DAY 5: Manhattan Munchies, from sun up to sun down

DAY 6: Bad and Boozy, favorite NYC bars

So much love,



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