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Welcome to the Roswell Edit! 


Since a young girl, I have always had a passion for food.  I was not one of those little kids who wouldn’t eat their vegetables.  Instead, I was an adventurous eater, always wanting to taste something new and exciting.  It makes sense, considering my family is a blend of Italian, French, and Spanish.  Not to mention, my grandpa owned one of the Top 10 Restaurants in the exclusive Upper East Side neighborhood of New York City during the 50’s-70’s called Mama Laura’s.


I recently relocated to Roswell, Georgia from Washington, D.C.  I earned an MBA from American University, and now I work full-time in real estate.  I have lived in Georgia, Florida, New York, and England, and have visited over 11 countries on my own.  My favorite part about moving or traveling to a new city is the chance to experience the local cuisine and soak in the unique city vibes.


In the past, my writing has been published for national brands, blogs, and websites for my “expertise” in food and fashion.  Keeping track of my various projects over the last few years has been a challenge, so I wanted to take this opportunity to launch a fresh website geared specifically towards the food scene in Roswell.  I may sneak in a couple posts highlighting my travels, but ultimately, I will be sharing with you everything this sweet, southern town has to offer. 


Thank you for joining me on this epic food journey. 

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