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My Top 5 Atlanta Restaurants!

Travel to Atlanta, Georgia

I have spent a lot of time traveling around the world, with eating as my number one priority. I spend an ample amount of time researching the most highly regarded (but not always fanciest) restaurants to try. I start with a classic google search and then follow up with locals, friends, colleagues, and family members for advice. I have eaten many wonderful meals in other cities, but I am pleased to say that I appreciate how Atlanta has stepped up its food-game over the past ten years. You can find a variety of cuisines, vibes, and price points that are on par with any major city.

Today, I am sharing my top five picks, places I have frequented this summer. I have an exhaustive list of places I have tried in Atlanta and can help recommend other dining options based on the occasion. These restaurants are my favorites for a variety of reasons and were worth the re-visit during my short time in Atlanta this past month. If you haven’t tried these spots, they are worth a visit!

#1 The Regent Cocktail Club

Atlanta Restaurants, Atlanta Bars
The Regent Cocktail Club

The Regent Cocktail Club in Buckhead is my number one go-to for a classy cocktail and a bite to eat. The ambiance is perfect for so many occasions; a stylish girls’ night, a pre-dinner drink, or even a private event. The rooftop has romantic twinkle lights, dark woods, vintage industrial seating, and a mix of warm leathers that create a modern yet inviting environment. On Friday and Saturday night during the summer, they feature a variety live music entertainment. You can check their schedule online to see if there will be a DJ or acoustic artist.

Most people go to The Regent Cocktail Club just for drinks, but I think they also have delicious bites that are satisfying enough for dinner. I’ve ordered the wagyu sliders, tuna tartare, chili lobster roll, and the guacamole. Each dish was presented artistically with plenty of flavor and freshness. Website Link here.

#2 Tiny Lou’s

If you don’t already know by now, I adore French food. Tiny Lou’s is located in the downstairs of Hotel Clermont and was truly my love at first bite. The menu is inspired by classic French dishes providing an element of authenticity but with Chef Jeb Aldrich’s personal twist. The menu features many locally sourced and seasonal Georgia meats and produce . The vibe of the restaurant is vintage-retro and a bit eclectic, with a mix of velvets, golds, a grand staircase, and a neon sign upon entrance. Photos online do not do the decor justice, but there is definitely a *mood* set in the dimly lit restaurant.

Atlanta Food, Travel Atlanta
Tiny Lou's

Do not even attempt to stick to your diet here. Every course is better than the last. I suggest starting off with the fresh homemade bread service followed by the heirloom tomato salad and Hamachi tartare. For the main attraction, I suggest the French brasseries classic-- steak frites! Everything was prepared perfectly with complex flavors in perfect harmony. To pair with the mix of seafood and steak, I started off with a glass of Rosé from Province and then switched to a glass of Gamay with the steak. There are so many dishes I want to try and cannot wait to go back soon.

Lastly, you must save room for dessert just to order the dessert cart! An array of gorgeous pastries, cookies, cakes, and other sweet endings are brought to the table on a vintage 1950’s trolley. Website Link here.

#3 Table & Main

Roswell, Georgia Restaurants
Table and Main

There is a reason Table and Main always ends up ranked among the top restaurants in Atlanta. I love going with my parents because the ambiance is quaint, southern, and family friendly. The restaurant is in a restored historic home on Canton Street in Roswell. The menu serves classic Southern dishes, but with a creative twist; the nostalgic flavors bring me back to my childhood being raised in the South.

Each time I have been to Table and Main, I have ordered something different to sample the menu, but made sure someone ordered the Southern Fried Chicken. The serving size is generous, and it is by far the best fried chicken in Atlanta! If you’re aware of something better, please let me know.

Atlanta Restaurants
Table and Main

For an appetizer, I love to order to preservation plate for people to pick tasty cheeses, sausages, and pickled veggies. Table and Main has a couple of staple items that never leave the menu, including the classic burger prepared with pimento cheese, bacon jam, bread and butter pickles, and hand-cut fries. It is truly indulgent and delicious.

If you are seeking a lighter or healthier option, I suggest the vegetable plate or the scallops. The vegetable plate offers a variety of seasonal produce options from local farms. For dessert, I love the key lime trifle served in a small mason jar. The presentation is adorable and the perfect size to satisfy your sweet tooth! Website Link here.

#4 Himitsu

Atlanta Restaurants

Compared to other major U.S. cities, Atlanta doesn’t seem to have many exclusive dining experiences. However, Himitsu, which means ‘secret’ in Japanese, is a trendy cocktail lounge and the closest you can get to feeling exclusive in Atlanta. The restaurant is hidden behind an unmarked door between Chai Yo and Umi in Buckhead. You need a passcode to get in. The passcode is provided the day of the reservation. In order to get a reservation, you have to e-mail the restaurant and hope someone responds!

Himitsu is a bit on the pricier side, but they do have an incredible cocktail program worth the occasional splurge. It takes a lot for me to stray from my usual go-to’s; a vodka Martini or Aperol spritz, but I have no problem going off the beaten path to try something new at Himitsu. T. Fable Jeon is the creative mind behind concocting new and innovative drinks. I happen to love the cucumber vodka cocktail because it is refreshing and pairs nicely with sushi.

Atlanta Restaurants

Not only are they known for drinks, but Himitsu serves small bites and desserts from Umi, which is one of the best sushi restaurants in Atlanta. I love the spicy tuna on crispy rice and the Hamachi carpaccio. For dessert, I always go for the mille crepe cake. I am a huge fan of crepe cakes ever since I had my first from Lady M in New York City. Crepe cakes are a rare find in Atlanta. Website link here.

#5 Storico Fresco

Atlanta Restaurants
Storico Fresco

I went to Storico Fresco for the first time this past week for my best friend's birthday dinner, and I could not believe it wasn’t on my radar before. The ambiance is open and casual, but also loud and energetic! It’s great for a girl’s dinner because you can talk freely without feeling like the entire restaurant can hear you. If you want fresh Italian food to bring home, Storico Fesco offers a retail market menu with fresh cut pastas, sauces, salads, and lasagnas to-go. They are an Italian grocery store and restaurant in one, making dishes with locally sourced ingredients.

Atlanta Restaurants
Storico Fresco

For an appetizer, I ordered the Prosciutto & Mozzarella and Carciofo fritto alla Romana, which are fried roman artichokes with lemon. I absolutely loved the artichokes and would suggest you give them a try! I also had the Insalata Spinaci, which was a small spinach salad topped with fennel seeds, thinly sliced cucumbers, toasted pistachios, and a light lemon vinaigrette. For the main course, I suggest the lasagna or my personal favorite, cacio e pepe. Cacio e pepe is not for everyone, you have to love pecorino cheese! For dessert, I tried the tiramisu, cheesecake, and pistachio cookies. I loved the tiramisu-- it was by far my favorite of the desserts because it was light and fluffy. Website link here.

I hope you have the chance to visit any of my top picks! Once again, if you need any additional Atlanta recommendations, I am more than happy to help!

Much love,



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