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You got that from Amazon? Proof that Amazon has it all.

For a few years now, I have relied entirely on Amazon for almost everything I use on a daily basis. My life is hectic, so the luxury of ordering products online and the order magically showing up at my doorstep within 24 hours, is ideal. I absolutely love these items I snagged off Amazon and can attest that Amazon covers all ground- from evening gowns to groceries.

1. Sound Machine: $49.93

As much as I love living in a big city, it can be very distracting and noisy at night. On the nights I wish to stay in to read and go to bed early, I would rather not hear the sounds of live music and banter coming from below.

I have always been an incredibly light sleeper and thought that ear plugs were the best fix for my sensitivity to noise. However, earplugs always pop out of my ears in the middle of the night, and somehow, I wake to the sounds of a break-up fight below my apartment at 3am. This sound machine was the easiest fix- It is cheap, small, and will 100% drown out any city noise without realizing that the machine running. Ahhh, peace at last.

2. Marble Planner: $15.95

If you want to stay fashionably organized, I highly recommend this planner. I make extremely detailed to-do lists and use my calendar for work, personal life, and school. This calendar is ideal for school because the weekly pages are spacious enough write down daily assignments. This planner is small and narrow enough to throw into a handbag. Bonus: This planner comes in a yearly calendar and an academic calendar depending on your needs!

3. Urban Ears: $49.99

I purchased UrbanEar headphones a few months ago after my expensive headphones broke. I wanted something fashionable, reasonably priced, wireless, easy to travel with, and comfortable. UrbanEars has lots of attractive styles, but I chose this version because they are functional for travel- you can wear them wireless or with a cord incase you don't have the option to charge your electronics.

The headphones have a built-in microphone that is perfect to use for work or any time you need to be hands-free. I am impressed with the clarity and quality of the sound considering these headphones are only $50. I have to refrain from dancing in public, 2006 iPod commercial style, anytime I am walking down the street listening to music.

Important Note: This model is not “noise cancelling,” but the majority of the sound is canceled to the extent I wear them without playing music to study in noisy environments. Since they are not 100% noise cancelling, I feel safe wearing them around the city and will be able to protect myself by not being completely zoned out.

4. Soma 6-Cup Water Filter Pitcher $29.99

I have used this product for 2 years now and love it. My first Soma was the 10-cup pitcher, but when I moved, I replaced it with the 6-cup pitcher since I was downsizing apartments and have limited counter space. I think the design is attractive and I prefer it over BRITA pitchers. I don't drink nearly enough water, so when I do, I want to make sure I am drinking the cleanest water possible; free of chlorine, mercury, copper, and other harmful contaminants. If you want a stylish yet functional filter, look no further.

5. Blank NYC Jean Jacket - $168

Blank NYC is one of my favorite brands that specialize in jeans and outwear. Some of their designs are a little too trendy for me, but I found this jean jacket on Amazon and had to order it. I get compliments every time I wear it and can't help but say "Oh, thank you. I got it on Amazon." The style of this jacket is the perfection combination of my style; urban but feminine.

6. Red Velvet Gown- $259

Yes, you can find high quality gowns on Amazon!

Fun fact: I hate shopping in person. I hate the whole experience. I refuse to try on clothes at the store. I would rather return the items on my only free Sunday, than strip down in a dressing room. Nothing I try on in that moment screams YES when my hair hasn't been washed and suddenly the food court bloat is real from Chinatown Garden. I swear, free orange chicken samples follow me and I can’t taste a sample and not order anything. That’s rude. Anyway, I hate malls and shopping, but I love Amazon. It is no longer necessary to leave my house to find something fabulous to wear to a gala.

I took a chance and ordered this gorgeous gown for a charity event, and it was perfect. The dress arrived on the expected ship date, wrapped and protected, and ended up fitting like a glove.

7. Swou Boobs Door Bath Mat - $4.70

It’s cheap, weird, and I like it. If you need a bathmat, why not a boobmat? In all honesty, I think it’s important to not take yourself too seriously. Life is short and we should laugh at the little things. When I step out of the shower, scrambling to get ready for a crazy busy day, I am instantly reminded to relax and trust that everything is going to unfold the way it should.

8. Circus by Sam Edelman Handbag- $80

I adore accessories that are unique and a little funky. My wardrobe tends to be very classic and simple, so having fun accessories to dress up my looks is a must. Sam Edelman has a few different beaded patterns in this handbag if bananas aren't your thing.

9. Trendy Brunch Tee- Mi Mosa Es Su Mosa $21.99

Sunday brunch is for the girls, and everyone needs at least one trendy brunch tee. Amazon has quite the selection of brunch inspired apparel with quotes like; “Champagne made me do it”, “Rose all the Way”, and all of the other brunch mantras.

A soft t-shirt is so easy and comfortable for the Sunday marathon, we call brunch. In fact, brunch is the only occasion I excuse leggings worn as pants outside the gym. I would go as far as saying spandex is the brunch material of choice. Wearing such forgiving garments allow us women to forge ahead without the need to unbutton our pants while comfortably indulging in crispy bacon, carbohydrates, and all of the food men enjoy daily without the constraints of modern female fashion. #FreeTheFoodBaby (#FreeTheNipple campaign is over, it’s 2018 and we finally have nipple equality.) Sorry Grandma, that was just a joke.

11. Amazon Fresh: Varies

Ordering groceries online is a game changer. It is so simple to schedule a delivery that works best for you, from your laptop or cellphone. Amazon Fresh has a page where you can create a shopping list and re-order past purchases for a faster online experience. I will occasionally run to the grocery store to pick up extra items, but I prefer to have the bulk of my groceries delivered.

During the week, I plan ahead and order enough food for three meals a day, Monday through Friday. My cart total is usually around $100, averaging only $6.67 per meal.

My Favorite Fresh Picks:


Dave’s Killer Bread, 21 Whole Grains

Boom-Chicapop White Cheddar Popcorn

Think Thin Protein Bars


Mangos, Bananas, Blueberries

Hass Large Avocado

Rainbow Bell Peppers 3 ct (Red, Orange, Yellow)

365 Everyday Value Brussels Sprouts, 12 oz bag


Just BARE Chicken, Hand-Trimmed Boneless, Skinless

Jennie-O, Fresh Extra Lean Ground Turkey Breast

Maine Harvest Fresh Atlantic Salmon, Responsibly Raised, 12oz

Sabra, Classic Hummus, 10oz


Siggis Vanilla Strained Non-Fat Yogurt

Organic Valley Organic Free Range Large Brown Eggs

365 Everyday Value Parmesan Cheese

It is safe to say I rely on Amazon for almost everything! The website probably knows more about my interests than the majority of my friends based on my shopping patterns and browsing habits. Amazon is one of those modern marvels I think about and ask "What did I do before Amazon Prime?" Seriously...

Much love,



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