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Make-up Products I’ve Purchased for Years: the anti-sponsored list to create a complete look.

Make up, Make up Products, What to Buy

Finding what products to buy can be overwhelming and EXPENSIVE.  A trip to Sephora can quickly add up to $200.  Then, when you go home to try your new products, you realized you forgot to refresh the basics, but you did purchase a highlighter bright enough to reflect traffic.  The beauty market has become saturated with products and encourages women to test as many products as possible with subscriptions like Birch Box.  Before you know it, you are using 18 "essential" items to contour your face.

To make matters worse, bloggers receive products to review that they wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves. Popular online publications receive thousands of free make- up samples to be featured on their website.  The question is... what are these beauty gurus actually buying? 

I outlined a list of products I have been using for years and highly recommend.  Each product is gentle enough for  sensitive skin and lasts for a minimum of 6 months.

P.S. Most of my makeup knowledge comes from Samantha Gunn and Kristen White.  If you ever need a make-up coach or make-up artist in the Atlanta area, contact them. 

Step 1: Hydrate

Step 2: Conceal and Cover

Step 3: Contour

Step 4: Powder

Step 5: Eyes

Liquid Eyeliner: Mac Brushstroke Liner

Step 6: Lips

Hope this list helps! 




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