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DAY 6: Bad and Boozy; NYC Bars & Nightlife

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

Happy Monday friends! This is my final post for the NYC mini-series. Onwards and upwards to exciting new topics and travels. I am eager to share with you some of the recent topics I have been working on!

Manhattan has a thousands of restaurants/bars/clubs/and rooftops to experience when it comes to night-life and partying. I am definitely NO expert when it comes to either of those categories (as I am a 40 year-old woman at heart), but I do have a couple of favorite places that are friendly towards tourists -- despite the local vibe.

My list is broken down into 5 categories; Rooftops Spots, Gorgeous Gardens, Speakeasy Vibes, and Late Night Fun.

Rooftop Spots

Azul Rooftop

1. Mr. Purple- 180 Orchard St

It is almost a right of passage when visiting NYC. The rooftop is filled with well-dressed guests, casually sipping overpriced cocktails any night of the week. The views are 10/10.

2. Make Believe-Sixty LES- 190 Allen St

Rooftop social club with a disco ball, pink furniture, and a DJ. This bar is easily missed if you don’t know about it!

3. Azul- 525 Greenwich St

Everything you want in a rooftop bar- string lights, comfy couches, chips and guac. A little Havana in the big city.

4. Refinery Rooftop- 63 W 38th St

Less about the views, more about the mood. The space is relatively intimate with gorgeous exposed red brick. One of my favorite spots in Midtown with tasty food to munch on while tasting creative cocktails.

5. Pod 39-145 E 39th St

This rooftop feels like an old fashioned piazza with beautiful ivy-clad brick archways and a mix of seating. This location has great views of the East river, Empire State, and Chrysler Building. I recommend drinking here, but not staying at the hotel.

Gorgeous Gardens

6. Gallow Green- 542 W 27th St

Located on the roof of the McKittrick Hotel in Chelsea, and known for its’ vintage train station-inspired country charm.

For a Sunday brunch, they have a live jazz band and present a delicious spread of farm-to-table options. This place is something out of a Nicholas Sparks book.

7. Gilligan’s- 2225, 310 W Broadway

Bright, vibrant, tropical, and secluded- Gilligan’s is one of my favorite outdoor spots to escape the city grab a cocktail. The nautical vibes will make you forget you are in the heart of SoHo. This pop-up restaurant opened in May and will continue serving up their famous watermelon margarita’s to the end of September.

Speakeasy Vibes

Dear Irving

8. PDT- 113 St Marks Pl

Classic phone booth entry. Make a reservation or you won’t be getting in!

9. Dear Irving- 55 Irving Pl

Coined as one of the most “Gorgeous bars in Manhattan.” The bar was inspired by Midnight in Paris- with each of the four rooms representing a different historical era.

First room: JFK Room (60’s style)

2nd room: F. Scott Fitzgerald room- Great Gatsby-esque with crystal drapes

3rd room: Abraham Lincoln room- velvet couches and dark woods.

4th room: Maire Antoinette room- French inspired with chandeliers, painting, and sofas.

10. Banzarbar- Freeman Alley

Exclusive with only 18 seats and open Thursday-Saturday. Banzarbar has an Antarctic expedition theme and is located behind an unmarked door on the second floor of Freemans (The restaurant previously mentioned in DAY 5 of the NYC mini-series).

Late night fun

Flower Shop

11. The Flower Shop- 107 Eldridge St

70s style bar in the LES that feels authentically hipster with bright yellow booths, a fish tank, vintage photographs, and floral furniture.

12. Blind Barber- 339 E 10th St

Barber shop by day, bar by night. Always a crowded dance floor. The ambiance is dark and sexy with leather couches. I guess this bar could also go under “speakeasy vibes” but I think this place is more of a place to dance instead of sip on drinks while chatting it up with friends.

13. Duplex- 61 Christopher St

Bar far one of the weirdest piano bar and that is why I love it. Everyone that works here secretly could have a career on Broadway. If you are feeling bold, you can sing with the pianist accompanying your requested song.

Sixty LES

Thank you for reading the final post of the NYC mini-series!




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