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DAY 4: NYC by Day! My Top 5 Afternoon Activities

(Left to right) Me, Antonio Mattei, Chris Diacin, Jennifer James - JULY 4TH Yankees v. Braves

It’s challenging to go to NYC and not spend your entire time eating and drinking. Every time I pass another restaurant I have been wanting to try, the food devil on my shoulder says “Come in pretty, they have been expecting you”. I kindly shut her down by saying “No food devil, I ate only one city block ago.”

If you want to see a list of my favorite afternoon activities that aren’t centered around pure indulgence, do keep reading.

Apart from my top museum choices, the city offers other fun ways to spend your time in the afternoon. Here are my Top 5 favorite things to do on an afternoon in NYC.

Disclaimer: You can absolutely do all of these activities while drinking or post brunch, but they certainly do not revolve around partying.

#1- Catch a Yankee's Game

You can snag a cheap ticket in the nose bleeds or go all out with club level seating. To be completely honest, I have done both and suggest snagging a cheap ticket instead. The perks that usually come along with club level seats are not included at the Yankees game. For example, the Atlanta Braves Delta club offers unlimited booze and food (sushi, charcuterie station, carving station)- honestly, the nicest baseball experience I have ever had the pleasure of attending. The Yankees stadium is still a great time.

Pro tip: Win or lose, dance your butt off at Billy's Sports Bar (856 River Ave Bronx, NY)

Caught on TV not watching baseball, but making friends with Rose from Atlanta

#2 See a Broadway Show

Matinée shows are the perfect way to spend 2pm-5pm in the city. I prefer to go out to dinner around 8-9pm on vacation, and most Broadway shows start at 7:30pm and run into dinner time. I know 2-3 hours seems like a major commitment, but the time will fly by the second you get wrapped up in a show.

Shows I recommend that are CURRENTLY on Broadway; Wicked, Kinky Boots, Book of Mormon, Phantom of the Opera, Chicago

Shows I want to see; Harry Potter, Frozen, Hamilton, and Dear Evan Hanson- if you have seen any of these, let me know if you enjoyed it!

Always running late to Broadway (Photo taken after a 15 minute sprint from Chelsea)

#3 Walk Central Park

Escape the crowded sidewalks and go for a walk in the equally crowded central park (at least you can find shading from the 23,000 trees in the park). The size of the park, the energy, and the diversity of people never ceases to amaze me. I remember the one time I got up at 5am to walk the park thinking I would be alone. Not the case, the city is full of early risers and bad asses. On a typical afternoon in the park, you can find dancers, musicians, runners, concerts, weddings, book clubs, proposals, movies, yoga classes, you name it. You can’t go to NYC without taking a walk through CP.

#4 Visit the Cloisters

The Cloisters is located at the tippy top of Manhattan and looks like something out of Game of Thrones. The castle is on top of a hill overlooking the Hudson River. It is a museum that was built in 1934 to mimic a Medieval European monastery. The gardens is my absolute favorite part of the cloisters. Not only are they absolutely gorgeous, but the gardens host wine tasting events! My favorite trip to the cloisters was for the Medieval Festival where I drank mead and ate a huge turkey leg. The festival also put on shows of skilled acrobats and several jousting competitions. This year, the festival falls on September 30th if you happen to be in the city.

#5 Walk around Chinatown, Little Italy, or SOHO

Each Manhattan neighborhood has its own vibe. Chinatown is cool to walk around in the cooler months because the fish markets are a little too pungent for me. Great place to snap pictures and buy your own set of reusable chopsticks to bring home.

SOHO is always a picturesque place to walk and shop major retailers and smaller hipster boutiques. The smaller boutiques do come with a major price tag making me SOHO’s #1 window shopper.

Little Italy has ALL THE SMELLS. You can stop in essentially anywhere to grab a slice of pizza, pasta, or wander through the Italian American Museum. It’s not too late to plan on visiting NYC September 10 through the 23rd for one of the most famous street fairs, The Feast of San Gennaro (92 years and counting). Join the 11 day party of music, games, and traditional Italian food.

*Celebrates the patron saints of Naples- where my Grandma is from*


Two more days left of the NYC Mini-Series! Check back in tomorrow for my list of favorite places to eat!

Much love,



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