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Paris, Plate by Plate! Where to eat in Paris, France

Where to Eat in Paris, France

One of the best aspects of traveling is the chance to experience the distinctive flavors each city has to offer. When planning travel, I always research the different types of dining options available. With a last name like LaChapelle, I grew up admiring everything within the French culture, from their history, lifestyle, and especially French cuisine.

I adore French food. You can get an incredible meal at any neighborhood Brasserie or by picking up fresh baked goods in the morning. In my opinion, nothing is better than a fresh baked croissant, baguette, or pain au chocolat from the boulangerie.

Sadly, my friends have often expressed their lack of love for French food. Visitors commonly fall into tourist traps or don’t know what to order on a traditional French menu; perhaps this is where things go wrong. After hearing so many negative reviews, I decided to track my favorite dining experiences on my most recent trip to Paris to share with anyone who may be visiting in the near future.

At the expense of my skinny jeans, I ate out three meals a day while visiting, and tried new restaurants for each meal. I enjoyed them all, but wanted to share my short list of the most noteworthy take-aways from the trip.

Brasserie La Favorite - Temple

Travel Guide to Paris- Where to Eat

The first night I arrived in Paris, I threw down my bags and hit the streets to find a buzzing cafe. There it was! Brasserie La Favorite was only a couple blocks away from my Airbnb, and boy did I luck out! The patio was filled with locals drinking wine, smoking cigarettes, meeting friends, and dining with romantic dates. The atmosphere has a retro 70s vibe, with neon lights, eclectic decor, and fashionable patrons. It was the perfect place to feel like a local in my new temporary home. I ordered the Caesar salad, complete with crispy chicken, ripe red tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, parmesan cheese, boiled eggs, and a homemade dressing. This was no traditional Caesar salad, rather a hearty and rich meal. My favorite part about the meal was the crispy chicken prepared similarly to a chicken breast used in chicken parmesan.

Le Hibou- Saint Germain

Travel Guide to Paris- Where to Eat

I was immediately attracted to the twinkle lights, overflowing patio, and jam-packed bar. The restaurant is situated on a busy corner in Saint Germain and really knows how to attract a young posh crowd. I visited Le Hibou for dinner after a long day of walking around the city. It was expensive, but I enjoyed the atmosphere, drinks, and dessert.

Laudrée- Champs-Élysées

Travel Guide to Paris- Where to Eat

Travel Guide to Paris- Where to Eat

Spare no expense when visiting Laudrée in Paris and experience the true atmosphere of ‘rue Royale’. Out of every Laudree bakery I have visited around the world, I adore this location the most. It’s authentic, classy, and has a stunning champagne bar that makes you feel like queen (or king). Laudrée is near the spectacular attractions of the Arc Di Triomphe, theatres, cafes, and luxury shops. My go-to order at Laudrée is a glass of champagne and an assortment of six macarons. I love the pistachio, coffee, lemon, Marie Antoinette, and salted caramel flavors best. A light macaron paired with a glass of sparkling wine is *le parfaite* combination for an afternoon treat.

ISTR- 3rd arrondissement

Travel Paris- Where to Eat

If you want to switch things up from traditional French food, I suggest dining at ISTR for fresh oysters and an impressive cocktail program. This restaurant reminds me of something you’d find in the lower east side of Manhattan because of the posh and contemporary design. I’d suggest coming here for a date night or light bites and drinks. I ordered the most incredible cocktail called the white Manhattan and tasted their old-fashioned served with cocoa nibs.

Anahi -

Travel Paris- Where to Eat

Anahi is found on a quiet corner in Marais and received a Michelin award in 2019. I stumbled upon it while walking back to my Airbnb one night. The restaurant only seats 40 guests and is known for Argentinean cuisine and intimate ambiance. As far as pricing goes, the food is expensive for small dishes. You can find guacamole with Kobe bacon, tuna, and seabass chivvies on the menu. If you are a steak lover, they also have filet mignon, ribeye, and prime rib.

Madison Sauvage - Saint Germain

Travel Paris- Where to Eat

This is by far the cutest cafe I have ever been to! The menu was very modern and reminds me of a menu you would find in Los Angeles with items like the acai bowl, avocado toast and beet hummus. I opted for the Caesar salad and the cheeseburger, and it did not disappoint. The cocktail program is packed with creative beverages that are photo worthy! I ordered the pornstar martini (sorry mom) made with sky vodka, vanilla, and a shot of champagne. I suggest making a reservation online, but you may get lucky and snag a seat outside. This is a great place to take your girlfriends for lunch.

Poulette -

Where to Eat in Paris

As much as I adore dining at a brasserie, it is nice to slow things down at a more traditional sit-down restaurant. I was browsing restaurants online and made a reservation to try Poulette because of the positive online reviews. The restaurant is charming and intimate, seating maybe 35 people at a time. The menu is limited, but covers a wide range of different veggies, meats, and dishes that will satisfy a range of food preferences. Everything tasted healthy and fresh, not overly seasoned or covered in butter. I started off with the asparagus and ordered the seabass for my main dish to switch up from my usual steak frites order

I’m always open for recommendations, so if you had a noteworthy experience, make sure you share your favorite Parisian restaurant. . I hope you have the chance to visit at least one of my favorite restaurants!

Bien à vous,



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