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Where there’s a will, there’s a Rosé- Is the Rosé hype over?

Updated: Jul 28, 2018

Rose wine

Happy Wine Wednesday Ladies!

(Sorry for the gender assumption- men you’re welcome here too)

Today’s post is all about Rosé! Recently, food and wine influencers have reason to speculate that the rosé trend may have reached its peak after trending for the last 5 years. We all remember when Moscow Mules and Mojitos were cool…

The real question is, how did this historically cheap wine with a bad reputation evolve into the wine of socialites and elite to eventually becoming the mainstream alcoholic beverage or “summer water” for millennials?

We can really thank the Hamptons for making rosé a thing. Residents of the Hamptons first tried this pink wine in places like Cannes, Nice, St. Tropez, or Province, and was happy to finally meet again in 2006 when Wölffer Estate brought cases to the Hamptons.

It was a quick take off, and by 2013 the Hamptons couldn’t keep enough rosé in stock for their summer soiree’s. News articles like “The Hamptons is Running Out of Rosé” and “Rosé is dangerously low in the Hamptons” flooded social media feeds.

So clearly, I am no pioneer of rosé, but I have been sipping my favorite pink wines for about 3 years now- mainly because red wine stains my teeth and white wine is a little sour on my stomach.

On this post, I have partnered with 'the' Catie Grasso; rosé aficionado, sunset chaser, photographer, and blogger living in Manhattan from Long Island (were the first batch of Wölffer Estate was produced). You may already know her as @sunrisecay on Instagram. If you don’t follow her, you are missing out on her seriously gorgeous feed- like this recent post from the Hamptons-

Rose Wine

We love rosé and truly believe the trend is here to stay!

Not only can you get rosé wine everywhere, but old trends like Frosé are becoming a menu staple all over the country this summer. The new rosé trends that are on the rise include;

Rosé hard cider from Angry Orchard ,

Rosé Gourmet Gummies from Sugarfina,

Rosé Donuts from The Donut Project,

Rosé Infused Vodka from Hanger 1 & more!

With Cate’s expertise, we have come up with a list of 6 rosés you must try this summer.

Rose wine, girl drinking wine

Sara's Picks:

La Chapelle Gordonne- France- $24.95

I love this wine not only because we share my last name, but because it is delicious. I saw it on almost every menu last summer in NYC and have been hooked ever since. The wine is light in color, full in flavor, and got 91 points from wine enthusiast!

Miraval Rosé 2017 – Cotes De Provence - $21.99

I have to admit, I picked up this bottle first because it was beautiful and then continued to buy it after the lady from Trader Joes told me it was Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts’ rosé (a basic move followed by a more basic move). Regardless, I fell in love with this wine because I can find it at Trader Joes, Publix, or basically any grocery store. It is light and delicate with strawberry notes. It looks stunning on my bar cart, it is an acceptable gift, and also received 91 points on wine Enthusiast. I may be on to something- #hireme.

Mumm Napa Brut Sparkling Rosé- $24

When I went to Napa Valley a couple years ago, I was introduced to so many incredible wines, it made my head spin- literally. The Mumm Napa Vineyard was a standout experience with exceptional sparkling wines (you can’t say champagne because it is not from the Champagne region in France). There are notes of black cherries, red berries, and citrus which create a more robust flavor; making this wine good for pairing with a variety of food from Thai to Italian.

Catie's Picks:

Finca Wölffer Rosé – $16.95

Hamptons Gatorade- Referred to as a “Lifestyle Wine.” This is the sweetest out of Cate’s choices. You can’t buy it online, but you can find it at select shops and restaurants on the East Coast!

Palm by Whispering Angel- $13.99

According to Cate, this Palm is pretty similar to her first recommendation, but a little more crisp. Palm has a beautiful pale pink color and is perfect for an “aperitivo” or a pre-dinner drink.

Clos Beylesse Cotes de Provence Rosé - $29.99

Pale, dry, rich in floral notes. Cate say’s this one is the lightest wine out of her selections. The wine comes in a unique blue bottle and has an aroma of violets, lilies, and strawberries.

I hope you enjoy these wines! Comment below any other favorite rosés you may have. Click HERE to get my mom’s favorite homemade Frosé recipe.



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