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The D.C. Diet's Favorite Workouts!

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Disclaimer: The video is sped up 2x and I am not a certified training professional!

I don't love going to the gym, but I did find a few workouts that I enjoy doing. Like I said in my video, I am happy if I can make it to the gym 3-4 times a week. My form isn't perfect, and I don't strive to be a fitness guru. I'm just a normal graduate student looking to stay inspired in the gym!

I suggest mixing and matching 3 of these workouts and repeating the circuit 3 times through. I usually pick 1 ab workout, 1 leg workout, and 1 arm workout to achieve a full body workout! For example, I could choose 12 jumping squats with a residence band, 30 scissor kicks, and 12 TRX pull ups for a single circuit.

A list of the workouts;

  • 12 Jumping squats with a resistance band

  • 12 Yoga push-up with 3-4 lb dumbbells

  • 30 Shoulder taps

  • 20 Sit-ups with a 6 lb ball

  • 30 Russian twists

  • 30 Scissor Kicks

  • Plank with 20 leg kicks (10 on each side)

  • 24 Lounges with 8 lb weights (12 on each side)

  • 15 grand plié with 8 lb weights

  • 24 Leg lifts with resistance band (12 on each side)

  • 12 TRX "pull ups"

  • 12 TRX jumping squats

  • 12 Basic Bicep curls and overhead press with 8 lb weights

  • 12 lateral raises with 4 lb weights

Love, S

P.S. If you're looking for a trainer, contact Glenn with GB Sweat Equity at or @gbsweatequityfitness on Instagram.


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