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Restaurant of the week – Ipp’s Pastaria & Bar!

Ipp's Italian Restaurant, Roswell Georgia

Ipp’s is a family-owned Italian restaurant that combines the best of old tradition with fresh new tastes and atmosphere. This restaurant is located on Canton Street, next to the parking area in front of the antique store (if you know, you know). Ipps is open Sunday-Wednesday, from 11am-9pm, and on Thursday-Saturday, they’re open until 10pm.

I was so excited to see a casual Italian restaurant open in my neighborhood since Osteria Mattone is one of my favorite upscale restaurants in Roswell.

Ipp's Italian Restaurant, Roswell Georgia

The building is a charming white brick modern farmhouse with black accents. Ipp’s has a fantastic outdoor patio, which is all the rage when trying to find a restaurant that accommodates outdoor seating in the time of COVID-19. The patio has a vaulted ceiling with wood planks to mimic the style of the restaurant. The patio space is large enough to host large parties or private events and is kept cool in the summertime with plenty of fans.

Ipp's Italian Restaurant, Roswell Georgia

The interior of the restaurant compliments the exterior modern farmhouse theme. The high vaulted ceilings allow natural light to illuminate the space. The interior is finished with black and white gingham, contemporary wood tables, and a touch of industrial accents with the chairs. The highlight of the restaurant’s design is Ipp’s bar, a large space in the middle of the restaurant, with industrial chic shelving, a wide wood high-top bar, and comfy leather bar stools.

As far as their food goes, I enjoyed everything I have tasted thus far. The portions are rather large, so feel free to share some appetizers or main courses with a friend or date.

Ipp's Italian Restaurant, Roswell Georgia

Grandpa’s Meatballs: I can be a big meatball snob because I believe my grandpa makes the best meatballs, but I enjoyed these jumbo meatballs. A single serving comes with three meatballs and a generous side of marinara sauce to dip. They were tender, flavorful, and served with homemade toasted focaccia which I appreciate since many restaurants charge for bread. I would definitely order these meatballs again!

Ipp's Italian Restaurant, Roswell Georgia

Fried Calamari: I fully enjoyed Ipp’s calamari appetizer. The calamari were crispy, fresh, and not the slightest bit chewy. Ipp’s serves their calamari with fra diavolo sauce. The appetizer is very filling, but worth the splurge.

Italian Chopped Salad with a side of Salmon: Ipp’s makes a hearty salad with chopped greens, ham, capicola, genoa salami, gorgonzola, black olives, tomatoes and red onions in a house Italian dressing. This salad didn’t need a protein because there is plenty of sliced meats in it .

I usually add a light protein to my salad, but in this case, it wasn’t necessary. Their salmon was pretty good, but not the best protein to order at an Italian restaurant. I think Ipp’s shines with their traditional Italian options like pasta.

Ipps Roswell, Restaurants in Roswell

Tortelloni Bolognese: This pasta is bursting with flavor and savory meats. It’s prepared with a traditional Bolognese of ground beef, veal with celery and onions, in a white wine tomato sauce served over tortelloni pasta. I suggest sharing this dish.

In conclusion, Ipp’s is a great choice for dinner with friends or family. The atmosphere is casual and inviting. The menu is approachable and not over-the-top with Italian lingo (you know the restaurants you just point to the dish you’d like to try?). The service was pleasant, and the price point is appropriate to visit on a regular basis!




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