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DAY 2: My Favorite NYC Museums, Ranked!

Let’s set the scene. You’re traveling to New York City for the weekend, and only have a total of 60 hours from 6pm on Friday evening until your alarm goes off at 6am on Monday morning. Realistically, you only have 48 hours to get after your Manhattan bucket list, despite the fact that New York is the city that never sleeps. Your itinerary is quickly filling up with so many incredible things to do and places to see, but you have yet to make time for a little art and culture. Here are my Top 5 choices that I believe are worth seeing.

Disclaimer: There are plenty of museums in NYC worth visiting that are not included on my list, however, these are my favorites.

#5 The 911 Museum

Standard Ticket Price: $24 | Hours: 7:30am-9pm

The impact from the 911 museum will last a long time after your visit. The exhibit has a compelling way of presenting the events of 911 in a factual and clear manner, but also shares personal experiences of those who were directly affected from the tragedy. This museum is an emotional experience- plan something upbeat after.

#4 Museum of Sex

Standard Ticket: $22 |Hours: 10:30am-10PM

HEAR ME OUT. It is not what you expect it to be. The Museum of Sex actually has some informational exhibits- like the sexuality of animals and the artistic expression of sex. This place is fun and light for a quick afternoon visit. You definitely should not plan your day around visiting, but if you happen to be close by, it can be a bizarre addition to your NYC visit. Yes, the museum is weird. Yes, the gift shop sells “paraphernalia.” Yes, there is a bounce house shaped like boobs. No, I did not go in.

#3 The American Museum of Natural History

Standard Ticket: FREE but Suggested $22 | Hours: 10am-5:45pm

This place is HUGE and gets super crowded. I don’t think I have seen all of the exhibits and I have been to the museum twice now. My crowd capacity meter (or CCM) taps out at about an hour and a half in enclosed spaces, but that was plenty of time to see the more well-known exhibits- like the famous dinosaurs that have been there since my mom was a child..

#2 The Guggenheim

Standard ticket: $25 | Hours: 10am-Different times! Check the website!

This museum is one of the coolest buildings I have seen. Plan at least two hours for your visit. The coiled building is somewhat like a massive spiral staircase (with no stairs), funneling guests up to the top. What is your motivation for making your way to the top of the Guggenheim? Like all good places, a cocktail bar awaits you at the end of your journey. There are new exhibits since the last time I have seen the Guggenheim, but this museum experience really stands out from others I have seen.

#1 The Met

Standard Ticket: FREE Suggested $25| Hours 10am-5:30pm/9pm

The Met is by far the most notable and celebrated museum in New York City. I could spend 3 days in this museum and still not absorb everything. I suggest making a plan of attack for your visit- select a few galleries of interest and see those first. If this is the only museum you make during your visit to the city, I wouldn’t be upset.

Wouldn’t recommend:

The New Museum of Modern Art

You can boo me later. Why might you ask? It just wasn’t for me. I have great appreciation for the modern artists, but for some reason the exhibits didn't really excite me as much as the other museums I have been to. I only resonated with art from 1 of the 5 floors. I would be open to going back when new exhibits are featured!

Seen it all?

Check out;

The Whitney, The Rubin Art Museum. If you have been to all of my suggestions, unsubscribe now. 😉

See you again tomorrow,



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