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My Top 5 Healthy D.C. Picks Available on Postmates & UberEats!

Healthy Restaurants in Washington, D.C.

We are all busy and sometimes it feels impossible to meal prep for the week, and even if you do, are you still excited about grilled chicken for the third lunch in a row? Finding some healthy, quick options in DC became a priority the second I started my masters program. Below I listed my Top 5 eateries and juice bars that are quick options to drop in between meetings or class. When you’re really pressed for time (juice pun intended), order any of these options on Postmates or UberEats! All of these restaurants can accommodate dietary restrictions; gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan.

Fruitive Washington DC City Center, Healthy Food DC

1. Fruitive

If you have time to dine in person, Fruitive is located in the D.C. City Center, right next to the most photographed Palmers Alley! The food here is fresh, delicious, and generous when it comes to portions. They also have homemade Kale Chips that I adore. I still haven’t found Kale Chips as good as Tassili's Raw Reality in ATL! My go to lunch is the Coffee Date Juice and the Tuscan Kale Wrap!


With 6 locations in DC and 1 in Arlington, its almost guaranteed you will walk by one of these juice shops. I have to admit that I don’t love green juices, but I found one from JRINK that I can actually stomach. I tend to stick towards beet juices, plant based milks, and sweeter options, but I really enjoy the “Fuel Me Up 1.” The addition of pear and ginger is really unique and helps offset the fact that I’m drinking kale and romaine lettuce. 🙄

JRINK Juices, Healthy Food Washington DC

3. Cava

I went to Cava for the first time with my Dad after a long morning of apartment tours! We wanted something satiating but healthy to keep our energy up for the rest of the afternoon! I decided to “Build my Own” and went a little overboard with a base of greens + grains, falafel, roasted seasonal veggies, crumbled feta, and more! My dad got the lamb meatballs and regretted not asking for more!

4. Protein Bar

Protein Bar’s mission is delicious, nutritious, and protein packed! Vegans, don’t be scared off by the name- they offer tofu and sweet potato falafel in addition to all-natural steak and chicken. Most “health” restaurants offer quinoa as their grain, but I love PB’s swap for cauliflower rice instead! My pick is the “Steakhouse Ranch Wrap” complete with blue cheese, radish, salsa, black beans and Greek yogurt ranch dressing.

The Little Beet- Healthy Food in Washington, DC

5. The Little Beet

This restaurant is committed to offering seasonal, local, and natural ingredients. They take dietary restrictions very seriously by offering soy free, dairy free, nut free, in addition to gluten/vegan/vegetarian options. My favorite order is called “The Brussel Hustle,” made with chicken, shaved brussels sprouts, pecorino cheese, cranberry, avocado white bean spread, salsa verde, pickled onion, and super seeds over field greens. I also love their breakfast bowls! They are perfect for a early morning, post-workout meal.

I hope you give one of these a chance next time you’re looking for a healthy lunch!

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