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Want to go to Ibiza? Plan the perfect trip by not making *these* mistakes.

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Recently, I traveled to Ibiza for the first time and left in pure amazement. Ibiza offers a mix of history and culture, vibrant nightlife, serene beaches, and authentic Catalan cuisine. Not that I didn’t enjoy my trip, but after visiting Ibiza I would have done things a little differently.

First of all, the further in advance you can book your trip the better-- I was able to save hundreds of Euros by booking almost eight months in advance and by selecting dates prior to peak season. I arrived in Ibiza the first week of May, about 18 days too early to attend the opening season social events. Now, I am thankful to have planned my trip during the off-season because when I booked my trip, I did not anticipate hobbling around Europe in a boot with crutches and a broken foot.

When I plan my travel, I like to create a balance between art, culture, food, and pure relaxation. I could have planned to visit a few other cities on my travel list for the first week of May, but I chose Ibiza because it would offer a remote beach experience. I looked into visiting Mallorca, Lisbon, and Valencia, but chose Ibiza because of its luxurious reputation and Pinterest images of the pristine beaches.

Ibiza, Ibiza Travel, the dc diet, dc diet, thedcdiet, Travel Guides

Overall, my biggest travel recommendations for Ibiza include;

  1. Stay in Ibiza Town if you want a city feel or Ibiza to be closer to clubs and the more crowded/popular beaches. I stayed in Santa Eularia which is only a 25-minute cab ride from Ibiza. I loved the Hotel Iberostar in Santa Eularia because of the amenities; gorgeous pools, private beaches, and comfortable cabanas. The entire Island is only 25 miles from top to bottom, so no matter where you stay, you will be close enough to enjoy everything that Ibiza has to offer.

  2. Travel during June-August for the warmest weather. I traveled at the end of April/beginning of May. The weather was chilly at night, about 55°F and a high of 70°F during the day. June and July have an average high of 82°F during the day and 68°F at night. If you want the best weather, travel during the middle of the summer--the clubs will be in full swing and all of the dining options will be open.

  3. Book activities ahead of time! For everything, go ahead and plan your 5-star dining experiences, purchase club tickets , and plan excursions. The lines outside of clubs are long during peak season and more expensive at the door. The nicer restaurants also book up during the peak season. For travelers interested in renting a boat to take out on the Mediterranean, do not wait until you arrive in Ibiza to book your excursion. The options will be limited and very expensive. My friends and I ended up booking a Catamaran big enough for 10 people, and there were only 4 of us. If we planned our excursion ahead of time, we could have booked a smaller boat for our crew.

  4. Ladies, ditch the heels! Ibiza is an all-day and all-night experience. Don’t waste your prime suitcase real estate on heels. The clubs are more casual than clubs in the U.S. Dress comfortably and cute, but more importantly be able to dance all night with ease by packing low wedges and sandals.

  5. Safety tip: Unless you are 5 minutes away from your accommodations, do not walk home at night from the clubs. The windy roads are super dark at night and the motorways are nicknamed “the road of death” because intoxicated tourists stumble their way home and get hit by intoxicated drivers. Tragic.

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About the Island

  • The correct Catalan name is actually ‘Eivissa.

  • The Island of Ibiza is broken up into different towns; Port De San Miguel, San Antonio De Portamany, Santa Eularia, Ibiza

  • Only 25 miles from top to bottom.

  • Getting around is easy by biking during the day, bus, and taxi.

  • Ibiza Town dates back almost 3,000 years.

  • Clubs close at 6am in Ibiza.

Ibiza travel, what to do in ibiza, the dc diet, dc diet, what to do in ibiza

How to travel to Ibiza?

  • From Barcelona → to Ibiza

  • Take: Vueling Airlines

  • Round trip Price: $70 - $150

  • Travel time: 1 hour

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When is peak season?

  • June-August

Where do I stay?

  • Moderately Priced: Iberostar Santa Eulalia

  • Moderate Plus: One of the Top Airbnb’s in Ibiza.

  • Splurge: Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay

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What do I do?

  1. Walk around Ibiza Town: Narrow cobbled streets lined with gift shops, art galleries, restaurants, and a cathedral.

  2. Shop the Hippy Market

  3. Rent a Boat for the day: Rentals come with a captain and champagne!

  4. Check out the clubs; Pacha, Space, Amnesia, Privilege, Eden and Es Paradis

  5. Relax on the beaches!

  6. Pamper yourself with a spa day at one of the 5-star resorts on the island.

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Where do I eat?

Note: Our hotel had an amazing breakfast buffet every morning, so we really only had snacks and late dinners (around 10pm). If I ever go back, I would like to experience more of the culinary scene. My favorite meal was in Ibiza Town at Restaurante Plaza Del Sol Ibiza because of the traditional Spanish tapas, fresh sangria, and stunning views.

In Santa Eularia:

-Restaurante Bahia

-Hotel Augusta

-Villas Argamassa

-Caos Ibiza

In Ibiza:

-Hotel Pacha Palma De Mall

-Restaurante Plaza Del Sol Ibiza

-Cotton Beach Club

-Gelato Ibiza Eivissa (dessert)

-El Chiringuito

I hope my tips can help you plan the perfect trip to Ibiza.

Until next time,


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