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I'm back with the Roswell Edit!

Sara LaChapelle, Roswell, Georgia, Naylor Hall

Hello everyone,

I am back and ready to blog for my new project, The Roswell Edit!

Back in March, I wrote a blog highlighting 10 amazing D.C. restaurants. The article was ready to publish, but then the global coronavirus pandemic hit.

As the world changed in front of my eyes, I no longer felt appropriate sharing my culinary experiences while restaurants boarded their windows and locked their doors. Since I wrote that article seven months ago, I am sad to share that only half of the restaurants in D.C. reopened, or plan on reopening this fall.

My life has turned completely upside down since March. Years of planning and the goals I set out to achieve unraveled in a moment’s time. I changed my career path, cancelled incredible adventures, and moved back home to Georgia.

Sara LaChapelle, Roswell, Georgia, Naylor Hall

I called off trips to Chile, Argentina, Germany, Los Angeles, Tulum, and Colorado. The company I planned on working for was no longer hiring, so I had to pave a new path. I moved back to my hometown with my fiancé, which felt like the ultimate defeat at the time. I never thought I’d live in a little suburban town at the ripe age of 27.

Since July, we have made Roswell our home. Together, Peter and I have been discovering old and new restaurants along the way. Roswell is a charming, sweet, southern town known for its Pre-Civil War landmarks. It truly resembles a scene out of a Hallmark film.

Sara LaChapelle, Roswell, Georgia, Naylor Hall

Moving forward, I plan on presenting you with a new restaurant, winery, brewery, farmers market, or local boutique that we visit over the next year. I hope you join us on our journey because I think you will fall in love with Roswell right along with us.




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