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Welcome to the D.C. Diet!

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Good morning world,

Welcome to my very first post on the D.C. Diet!

*You actually clicked! Now I have to convince you to come back, but unlike gym memberships, you're not stuck with me*

In the middle of May, I relocated to Washington from Atlanta to attend graduate school at American University to earn a Masters in Business Administration. Any businesswoman could argue that this blog will not be my greatest ROI, however, my creative energy needs a place to live - outside of my own head.

One month in, and I am already in a full-blown love affair with D.C. (The equivalent of triple texting that guy you have a crush on, and then proceeding to call him to ask why he didn't answer your text. Oh no one does that? Weird.). This city is so underrated by millennials. If you're considering N.Y.C.- throw D.C. in the mix. I had the choice to study in Manhattan and D.C., took a chance on D.C., and couldn't be happier. From Michelin Star restaurants to monuments and museums, two years might not be enough to complete my bucket list.

So why a blog?

For far too long I’ve been wanting to publish simple recaps of my travels, dining experiences, weekend activities, and other lifestyle tips. Without a doubt, I get a text once a week from a friend that leads to a conversation something like this....

FRIEND: Hey, I’ll be in ATX this weekend. Any recommendations for a dinner?
ME: What's the vibe?
FRIEND: Not too expensive. There will be 6 of us!

Then... I continue to ask more questions like “What part of town are you staying in?” “Any food allergies?” “Girls night or couples?” Basically, I’m your personal Food Siri.

My blog is divided up into;

1. Just DC

2. Travel

3. Anti-Food (activities, concerts, events, design, lifestyle)

4. Food & Wine

5. Sweets

6. Breakfast

What you will find there:

✔️Short and concise lists:

(I’m not trying to be Travel + Leisure or Bon Appétit)

✔️Places and experiences I have actually done.

If you have any questions about and of the travel locations, and there isn't a blog yet- HMU! I can give you recommendations.

✔️Occasional family recipes, lifestyle tips, and what NOT to do while when visiting a city.

Don't let all the smiling pictures fool you- traveling can be stressful if you're visiting a new city for the first time. Learn my my mistakes!

Enjoy, but if you hate it... lie to me! 😘

Much Love,


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2018. jún. 29.

This is great. Looking forward to referencing your blog for upcoming business travel. Enjoy the research. Will be watching for future posts.


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